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I’m With Lincoln

In my first week of college, my instructor showed us "Sheet Metal" (written by Jamie Barrett and directed by Noam Murro) as an example of great advertising. I would have never guessed that years later, my very first official Art Director credit would be under the same brilliant minds. #honored

I can't put this on my mom's fridge, so I decided to post it here.

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California Redwood Association

The California Redwood Association came to us with one task; to get people to buy more redwood for their decking. Redwood is stronger, more durable, and more environmentally friendly than plastic composite. It's as simple as that. So we decided to be direct and use a no-nonsense manly man we affectionately named, "Drunk Guy" to spread the message.


When the people at Clover asked us to concept, shoot, and edit a product launch video in about ten days, we put our business-casual thinking caps on and went to work.

Clover is an all-in-one point of sale system that takes care of all the ticks and tacks of running a business. Since Clover does many of the jobs business owners used to do themselves, we had our character go around firing himself.


Rubio's is known for fish tacos. What people don't know is the restaurant and its founder have a real passion from which those fish tacos ultimately came. The ocean. We wanted to celebrate that passion with and anthemic spot called "To The Ocean" (which I worked on) and a refresh on their point of purchase designs.

In-store, we elevated the look and feel from cantina walk-up to coastal grill through food photography and a cleaner design. Here are a few examples.

Smirnoff Guardians

In Miami Ad School, my partner Vanessa Krchova and I created this solution highlighting a powerful opportunity in social media. Why not make it as easy to become a friend's digital designated driver as it is to click "Like" on a friend's check-in at a bar?.

Conceived in Berlin, revisited in New York, and produced over email and Skype between Stockholm and LA. Whew!

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PETA: Fishtagram

This student project won us a One Show Young Ones Merit. If you’re wondering what a One Show Young Ones Merit is, so am I.

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Below are some more ads. There are other things here too, like my student ad blog and that time I taught myself Cinema 4D for a Mad Libs comp.

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  • CompKarma

  • Iron Giant

  • Up: Stratos

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Hi, I’m Brian. I’m an advertising art director, but I also shoot video on the side.

When I was a kid, I re-routed my Hot Wheels Car Wash play set to paint and dry GI Joes. My tendency to tinker and explore has always led me to find new creative tools to sharpen. From soldering my own mini pinball machine to teaching myself Cinema 4D for a killer mockup in a pitch.

I’ve spent the last year as sole art director at barrettSF helping Jamie Barrett, Patrick Kelly, and Pete Harvey build THE BEST ADVERTISING AGENCY IN THE WORLD. Being the worst creative in the room amongst industry legends has taught me how to win big, lose big, and walk around shoeless whenever possible.


Designed by me. Hand-coded, artisan webistry by Brandon Arnold


A blog project between me and two great friends where aspiring advertising creatives can learn from our mistakes.


I took a historical photo from a war-time Berlin and added the Iron Giant and other cool stuff.


This is a spec piece I created when Mad Libs asked us for a fun digital experience to execute before the main campaign launches.


A full pager in the NY Post, NY Daily News, USA today, and the NY Metro.


“Hey Brian, can you do a quick mockup for that idea you had? Ok cool, is that ready to go on air?”


A tribute to Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking skydive from the stratosphere. Featured on Abduzeedo.com.